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The Author


Alec Carvlin is an author and designer drawn to all things creative. He is also a former choirboy, a Dartmouth College graduate, a cancer survivor, and a helpless romantic. In his free time, he cooks, bakes, and makes funny faces at his niece and nephew, Liana and Elliott. Baking universes is one of his favorite hobbies, though he's still working on getting them to that perfect level of crispiness. He writes his picture books outside of Boston.



Brian Biggs has illustrated billions and billions of books since the beginning of the universe, and collaborated with timeless authors like Jon Scieszka, Mac Barnett, and Katherine Applegate. He's also the creator of the Everything Goes series and the Tinyville Town series, and the author/illustrator of The Space Walk. Brian lives in Philadelphia with his wife, who is really good at baking.

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